“Terian helped me with my baby Elliot's sleep schedule when Elliot was four months old. We did everything virtually and through phone call and text messages. I was very lost and frustrated with night wakings and a late bedtime until Terian coached me. Elliot has been sleeping 12 hours each night since she helped us. I also reached out to Terian again when Elliot turned one about bottle weaning (again, I was lost and frustrated). She is so supportive and has helped me in my journey as a new mom. I highly recommend her service.” - Lacey E.

Social proof: testimonials

“Terian is a game changer. Our friends recommended her to us, and although we were thousands of miles apart, Terian was able to educate us through one video call. She then created an individualized plan and provided follow-up support through text and email. It's EXACTLY what we needed. Our son was about to enter the dreaded 4-month sleep regression, and I was going crazy from sleep deprivation as well as postpartum depression. Terian didn't waste any time, and right away I knew we were working with someone who was experienced, smart, and compassionate. Do you like to sleep? Do you want a happy baby? Don't waste any time. Work with Terian as soon you can! You seriously won't regret it.”

Amanda L.

“Terian helped us so much when our first baby was born. When I found out I was pregnant the second time around, she was my first call. I wanted to make sure she could fit me into her schedule. We loved having her at our house and she was very helpful in the first weeks of our children’s lives. Mom and Dad were able to get some sleep which was very important!!!! Thanks so much Terian!!! ”

Danny & Abby

“She was knowledgeable regarding all factors of newborn care. She helped with breastfeeding and pumping, bottle feeding diapering and swaddling. She was vital in helping my son begin a sleep schedule. He started sleeping through the night around two months. That has continued and has added to the enjoyment of Motherhood!”


“She was genuinely interested in our future twins, as well as our other kids and the whole transition. She is extremely professional, always on time and discrete. She is very knowledgeable about early childhood development, sleeping, feeding, etc. What I loved about Terian is that she was so open to our decisions about breastfeeding vs. bottlefeeding and was not judgmental in any way! It is a big decision to invite someone into your home and care for your most prized possessions and we felt so comfortable with Terian.”

Lucas and Sheena

“It has been a complete blessing to have you here [working in our home]. I have learned not only about sleep training but also about many other aspects of life. Thank you for your calmness, I really need that in my life. Few people have been able to make such an impression in my life. I have a hard time listening to other people about childcare and marriage. I feel that by spending this few months here, you have been able to understand me and you have given me great advice. I sure hope you continue to be in our lives.”


“Our family has had the pleasure of working with Terian since [our first baby was born]. Terian first helped us sleep train our then-6-month-old when we were exhausted, overwhelmed new parents at our wits end. Terian consulted with us by phone and walked us through every step necessary to help our baby begin to sleep through the night. Her calming, yet confident demeanor was a welcomed reprieve as haggard first time parents. Over the next several years, Terian was always available to consult with us when sleep issues would arise. At that point, I started calling her my “mommy cheerleader”. She always knows exactly what to say to make you feel confident as a parent and guide you towards success without taking you outside your comfort zone. Terian most recently worked with us upon the arrival of [our second baby]. After the tremendous help she had been with our first child, I swore she would be my first call for the next child. She was so helpful in getting us started on the right path from day one home with our second baby. She instilled in us the confidence to go with our gut and picked us up when we would fall off track.”