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Will virtual sleep consultations work for my baby?

Hear from families we've worked with:

“I can’t put into words how invaluable Terian was (and still is) as a resource for us. Our first baby was being born in the thick of the COVID pandemic, so while we had previously considered busting the budget for a night-time Newborn Care Specialist to sleep-train him, that option was immediately wiped out since we needed to minimize any risks. I had thankfully been put in touch with Terian to discuss alternatives and my wife and I decided to book her 12 week virtual service to get an hour of her dedicated time per week. I had read online, and she reconfirmed, that if we followed her instructions, she could have our baby sleeping through the night around the 12 week mark through the virtual service the same way she could if she came to our house every night herself. This seemed like the safest way to get help, although we were skeptical we could actually pull off the promised results as first-time parents. I’ll cut to the chase. Our son is now over 7 months old and has slept from 11-12 hours uninterrupted every single night since the 12 week mark, except for 2 nights where he woke up cranky because he was teething. Both of those nights we were equipped to handle it because of our work with Terian, and he was back down within 30 minutes and back to sleep. I can not put a price tag on the value of both of us first-time parents getting full nights of sleep, every single night so soon after the baby was born. While we feared an hour a week wouldn’t be substantial enough, we were wrong. Terian provides guides and instructions for us to follow every night and throughout the week, so that steers the ship for the most part and then we get to spend the hour discussing results, challenges, behaviors, etc. specific to our baby so that we know what change in plan to implement that week. We’d discuss eating schedules, bottle types, nap schedules, overnight schedules, behavior changes and any and everything you can think of that could cause you stress as a parent of a newborn. Not only did Terian guide us and guide us successfully, but she played the role of therapist and shoulder to lean on as well when we needed it (hint: that was often). Once our 3 month period ended, we opted to engage Terian for virtual consultations once a month to get her expertise on a continued basis. Terian has a wealth of knowledge and is truly a baby whisperer. Having a baby who sleeps through the night at 12 weeks is not only a possible outcome, but a probable outcome when you have someone like Terian to guide you through the process. It’s incredible she was able to achieve the results she did through virtual consultations, but she is the real deal and we do not hesitate to give her our highest recommendation.”

Jayson & Caroline