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I combine proven techniques with your goals and style, so your individual family’s values are always front and center. I firmly believe that there is no ‘one right way’ to do things. As a parent, you should feel rested and supported, to take on your many daily responsibilities.

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I believe that most babies have the ability to sleep through the night (10-12 hours) by the age of 12 weeks. Newborns instinctively have the ability to "self-soothe" and will gradually stretch time in between feedings at night, if their environment allows. This is the key to sleep learning! I teach parents how to help their newborn develop their natural abilities. Parents often unknowingly counteract their newborn's abilities by not recognizing some of their signs. Let’s get you the positive fundamentals from the beginning, so you are able to enjoy your new baby and by-pass frustrations. If your baby is older, there are methods we can use. I believe in using non-cry sleep training methods whenever possible. However, each approach is chosen based on the needs of the family and developmental needs of the baby.

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In my professional courses, I offer training designed for practicing Newborn Care Specialists, and those taking steps to enter the profession.

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Terian Gregory

Infant Sleep Expert; CEO of The Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

Terian is an experienced Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Expert Sleep Consultant based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is a Parent, Professional and Community Educator who enjoys teaching and speaking at events. She is internationally recognized for her expertise and knowledge. Her Education Degree in Elementary and Middle School Education and her post graduate hours in Early Childhood Development gives her a comprehensive understanding of growth and development. Terian completed education in newborn care in 2004, and has since gained over 50,000 hours of experience working with singletons, twins and triplets as a Newborn Care Specialist. She enjoys teaching families and professionals "everything that their baby wants them to know" with a calm spirit and gentle touch.

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Happy Families; Kind Words

"Terian is the baby-whisperer! Our little baby girl went through a sleep regression at 4 months and we couldn’t understand why. We tried everything. With one call and one session with Terian she prescribed the steps necessary to help get our baby sleeping. Sure enough, after 2 weeks, she was sleeping through the night again. She came to us at such a crucial time and I will recommend her whenever I can to help families that are experiencing the same difficulties. Thank you Terian!" - Ashley H.
Baby smiles from caregivers lap
"Our daughter was never a good sleeper until our consultation with Terian, who was recommended to us by our school. We were exhausted, irritated parents who didn’t really know how to deal with our child’s sleeping pattern - it would take us at least an hour to put her to bed and then she would wake up every 2-3 hours.

Terian provided us with so much knowledge, guidance, support and the actual system to implement that it literally solved our daughter’s co-dependent sleep pattern right then. Yes, I took trust, commitment, and accountability on our part to stick to the new system, but it worked. After three challenging nights our daughter started sleeping through the night on her own in her crib. What a relief we experienced. We now have a life. We loved how Terian used her intuitive sense to find the best approach for our daughter. We are very happy!" - Elena H
Smiling family