Newborn Sleep Consulting Training/Mentorship:

Terian selectively selects one or two candidates to train and mentor each year.  As a Consultant working with Clients the first 12 weeks, it is important to provide weekly support.  The information provided to the client must be timely, developmentally appropriate and personalized for the baby.

This Mentorship includes the "Question and intake form", "Client Profile form" and templates for  12 weeks of "Weekly Goals & Objectives".  The training includes 4 hours of videos/recordings & a 1 hour live session with Terian to personalize the material.  The Mentor is then given 2 hours a month of support for the next 6 months.  (via email/phone calls)

If you are interested, please contact her today to see if she is currently accepting application for this program.  If you are selected for this Mentorship the cost is $1,200.00.  ($600.00 is due before starting and the balance to be paid within 90 days.)

                                        First Payment:





                                     (480) 707-3291



"Newborn Care Specialist In-Person Consultations 0-12 Months":

This Continuing Education course is designed for practicing Newborn Care Specialists who meet the following requirements:

-MINIMUM of 2 years working as a Newborn Care Specialist, full-time, at night.

-2 years of providing clients with written weekly Goals & Objectives.

-At least (1)  24/7 position or daytime hours with a three clients

-Confidence in their professional abilities and ability to educate.

-Confidence in their ability to compose written plans & communicate efficiently in


-Confidence in their ability to immediately work with parents in person in a short time


-Be able to calm new parents and create a “safe” working environment as a team.

-Be able to listen, interpret & ask questions to lead to additional information.

-Be able to intake information and write a plan.
-Ability to analyze the current market and place a value on their information & time.

Course Objective:  To educate current Newborn Care Specialist on how to design, conduct and schedule “In home Consultations” from 0-12 months.

-Students will be given guidelines on when in home consultations are appropriate.
-Students will be given a 2 hour video of training.
-Students will be given templates to edit and personalize for their business.
-Students will be given guidelines for conducting “In Person Consultations”
-Students will be given 1 hour of a live personal one on one virtual meeting.

Cost: $200.00:  Once you make your payment, I will be alerted.  Training will be email to you within 1 business day.

      To Purchase Online Training with personal support.

    Deposit of $100.00 for class.

                                             Newborn Care Specialist:

Are You looking for Training and Continuing Education?

Online Training:

Terian has successfully trained many NCS from around the world!  The experience that the students gain from personalized teaching does not need to be lost through online training.  Sleeping Newborn's Training & Mentorship provides students with video recordings.  After each 5 hours of course instruction the student is then given a live 1 hour session with Terian to answer and additional questions and personalize the content for each student.  This is a great option for those who do not live local or want to take the classes at their own pace.    Once your payment has been made you will receive an email with instructions on how to get started!  Once payment has been made you have 6 months to complete the course.  This course takes the typical student 30-40 hours to complete, plus live sessions and any additional support that the student request.


               Balance of class tuition.

Terian provides continuing education for Newborn Care Specialists and Sleep Consultants.  Contact her today her today to discuss what topics you would like her to cover for you and your team! (480) 707-3291

Sleeping Newborns                                                 (480) 707-3291

                         Expecting Parents,

      Are you looking for the secrets of Sleep Learning

          so that you can implement it yourself?

From Bellies 2 Babies has a new series of Parenting Preparation classes!

Call today to schedule your private or group classes (480) 707-3291

NEW!! Continuing Education for Current Newborn Care Specialist!

               Pay Full Tuition.

    Newborn Care Specialist Training/Mentorship:

Terian selectively selects one or two Newborn Care Specialist candidates to train and mentor each year.  She educates the candidate, provides hands on experiences and provides a mentorship program which give support for the first year while the Newborn Care Specialist is building their new business.   If you are interested, please contact her today to see if she is currently accepting application for this program.

                                        (480) 707-3291



 "Creating Weekly Goals & Objectives for the First 12 Weeks":

This Continuing Education course is designed for practicing Newborn Care Specialists who would like to improve their knowledge and abilities to create and communicate weekly goals and objectives for their clients. 

Course Objective:  To educate current NCS on how to design, write and communicate with clients "Weekly Goals & Objectives for the first 12 weeks".

Students will be given an outline of what each Weekly’s G&O should include.
-Students will be given examples & developmental reasons for each goal.
-Students will be given templates to edit and personalize for their business.

 (13 Templates for each week for the first three months, supporting articles,

  logs, invoices etc.)

-Students will be given guidelines for each week, based on a baby’s

-Students will be given “The 14 Steps to Create Positive Fundamentals” and

 instructions in how to include these in their Weekly Goals & Objectives.

-2 hour video with detailed training

-1 hour of live individual support to answer the NCS's questions and to

  personalize the training.

Cost: $400.00:  Once you make your payment, I will be alerted.  Training will be email to you within 1 business day.  If you have already taken Sleeping Newborns' Training & Mentorship contact Terian to receive a 50% discount of $200.00.

NCSA Approved Training!

Are you looking for Additional Training or Education?

Classes are now available in person or online!!!

Next in-person training is scheduled for Spring of 2019

in Scottsdale, AZ

Call Today for Additional Details and Dates!

(480) 707-3291

In Person Training

Newborn Care Specialist Training/Mentorship

This 28 hour, 4 day course is designed to elevate Nannies and professionals who are ready to take their careers to the next level!  This hands on training will give you the skills and confidence to know how to run your Newborn Care Specialist business.
This training/mentorship has always included ongoing support for the first year to help guide you through all the questions that you will have as you go through this journey.
Chapter review questions are included to make sure you are prepared to successfully complete the NCSA test.  You can even purchase additional note cards to prepare for your exam!

Topics that will be covered: 

                        -Who is a Newborn Care Specialist?                        

-A Newborn's Characteristics

                                                          -Premature Infants                                                               

-Primitive Reflexes
                                                     -Preparing the Nursery                                                       

  -Newborn Safety    
               -Newborn Care Basics-Bringing Baby Home!                    

  -Why do babies cry?
                                                          -Soothing Techniques                                                         -Swaddling

  -Calories: How much?
      -Bottles & Breastfeeding    

-Formula Choices

  -Reflux & Colic

   -Baby's Stools
                   -Chemicals & Choices                    

   -Adjusting: Pets & Siblings
    -Postpartum Period, Taking Care of Mom   

          -Referral Fees & Networking
            -Newborn Care Specialist's Ethics

                                                               -Creating you Portfolio                                                   

              -Building Your Business
          -How to Use a Contract & a Deposit/Retainer System  

           -Building a Website
               -Understanding Sleep    

            -Sleep Theories
                              -Sleep Training                  

              -Scheduling & Milestones

                -Multiples....and more!!!


COST: $800. If we have a group of more than 6 people, the cost goes down to $650, so invite anyone who would be interested!  


Terian will travel to teach these classes!! 

Contact her today to schedule a class in your area! 


Professionals who are looking for a way to elevate themselves in this field have options! 
Please contact us for additional information or questions:

(480) 707-3291

*All days must be attended to achieve the full training