I have a group of excellent NCS that I work with.  If I am not available, I will be happy to refer you to another NCS.  Don't pay agency fees!

In Person Sleep Training Services For Older Babies:

Sleep training is more complicated for babies that are older than 12 weeks of age and who weigh

more than 12 pounds. These babies typically are missing some of the fundamentals needed to be good sleepers.  There are multiple sleep training options available to theses families.  Please contact Terian to discuss which sleep training option is best for your family. Terian has a three night minimum for 'In Person Sleep Training Positions'. 

$35.00 an hour with an 8 hour minimum per night

Sleep Training/Issues Phone Consultations

Sleep Training/Issues Phone Consultations


Parents who have questions on sleep training can call Terian for a Sleep Training Consultation.  Terian has been extremely successful helping clients solve their baby's sleep issues in just a few phone calls!! Terian can provide you with a personal and appropriate plan that meets your family's needs.  Terian believes in using a variety of sleep training approaches.  It is important to select the one that will meet the family's needs as well as be as effective for the baby as possible. 

​Sleep Training Consultations are billed at a rate of $125.00 and typically take 60 minutes.  If additional consultations are requested they are billed at the Advisory Time Rate of $30.00 per 30 minutes sessions.  For parents who want to make one easy payment they can select a plan below. Otherwise they will be billed based on the actual time that they use. 

​Prepaid Plan Options:

Prepayment plan$225.00:  After the initial phone consultation the client will pay a flat fee $225.00.  This will include the initial phone consultation fee and 2 hours of follow up Advisory Time.

Prepayment plan$325.00:  After the initial phone consultation the client will pay a flat fee of $325.00.  This will include the initial phone consultation fee and 4 hours of follow up Advisory Time.

 Advisory Time:  Advisory Time, will be billed, as needed, at a rate of $30.00 per 30 minute sessions. The amount of Advisory time is to be selected by the client, as it is needed. Advisory time can be conducted by phone or email.  

Newborn Care Specialist: Night Hours

Ask A Newborn Care Specialist Phone Consultation/Email

Non-Sleep Related Questions:

Parents who have questions on developmental milestones, newborn development or any other newborn issues that are not related to sleep issues, can call Terian for advice. Consultations are billed at a rate of $30.00 per 30 minute phone call/email session.  ​

Travel Guardian

Safe Travels

Divorced and single parents often find that they are living states many miles or even states from their children's other parent.  Terian accompanies babies and children as they travel safely for visitation and child custody rotations.  Terian's background as a Newborn Care Specialist and Education Degree in Elementary & Middle School Education enables her to provide developmentally appropriate expectations and activities for your children.  

She will ensure that your children are comfortable and happy as they travel.  Please contact Terian at (480) 707-3291 or www.sleepingnewborns@yahoo.com for rates and services provided in travel services.  Rates and services vary depending on location and duration of the travel.

Nursery Preparation

Get It Set-Up!

Terian can help you prepare for your baby or babies!  Her insight can help you from over or under buying!  Terian can help you prepare your nursery so it is ready when you bring you new baby/babies home! She can simply advise you on what products you need or do all the shopping for you.  

You decide how much help you want! 'In person' time is billed on an hourly rate of $30.00 an hour, with a minimum of 4 hours.       
Newborn Care Services:

Terian typically assists the family when they first come home from the hospital.  She can also provide hospital care for the client that is staying in a hospital that doesn't provide an onsite nursery.  However, even if your baby is already home and a few weeks old, she can help provide you with the care your baby needs and the rest that you are looking for! 

Terian gives post-partum moms the support they need to heal and the care their baby needs to grow.  Her services include:  Feeding, burping, dressing, diapering, cleaning & preparing bottles, nightly logs and tracking forms, instructions on newborn care for parents, daily and weekly developmental goals, swaddling techniques, daily & nightly scheduling/routines, assisted-soothing & self-soothing techniques, sleep training methods tailored to meet the parent's goals, reflux & colic management, premature infant care, stocking and maintaining the nursery, breastfeeding holds and guidelines, daily personalized newborn care answers and advice, as well as many additional newborn care related issues. 

Terian specializes in using 'An Early No Cry Sleep Learning Method'.  She can have your baby sleeping 12 hours through the night by 12 weeks of age, using a developmentally appropriate sleep learning method that is slow and gradual.  Call her today to discuss this option for your family!  Why not teach your baby great sleep habits from the beginning????

Rates for 2019

Singleton: $31.00 an hour

Twins: $35.00 an hour

​Triplets: $40.00 an hour

(*Additional charges could apply for additional health issues, such as heart monitors, breathing machines or G-tubes.) 

Sleeping Newborns                                                 (480) 707-3291

Purchase a Gift Certificate for a Family Member or Friend!!

Please contact Terian to select the amount that you wish to give.  Terian will personalize a message and give a description of the services that you have selected.

24/7: Around the Clock:

24/7 Care      

24/7 position are a wonderful option for families who are expecting multiples or are simply feeling like they would like an extra pair of hands around the clock once their baby/babies arrive.  This type of position can be as short as a week or two.  This is a great option for a mom that knows that she needs to heal from a cesarean delivery.  Other families may want help around the clock for the first few months until the babies are sleeping through the night.  Having a sleep expert both day and night, provides consistency.  This consistency can help develop great fundamentals, routines and sleep habits day and night from the very beginning. 

 Please contact Terian at (480) 707-3291 or sleepingnewborns@yahoo.com for rates and services provided in 24/7 positions. Currently, Terian is only traveling nationally for 24/7 position. International travel will resume in the spring of 2019.  Rates and services vary, depending on location and length of the position.  However, Terian can refer you to other NCS who are available to travel internationally.

In Person Consultations/Day Hours      

In Home 'Newborn Care' Consultation   

In Home 'Newborn Care' Consultations include a home visit that typically take two to three hours.  The family receives a personalized written plan to help them establish the fundamentals needed with their newborn.  These are based on the goals, beliefs and values that the family has discussed with the Newborn Care Specialist.  This is an individualized planned that is designed to start the newborn off with good habits from the very beginning!   Newborn consultations typically include information on:  Newborn care, breast feeding, feeding techniques and quantity, developmental milestones, tummy time & awake time activities, quality burping, bathing, swaddling techniques, newborn sleeping, assisted soothing, transitioning to self-soothing, daily routines, sleepy signs, umbilical cord care, sleep routines and habits, when to start sleep training, and other newborn issues. In Home 'Newborn Care' Consultations include two months of  'Advisory Time'.  This consultation makes a wonderful baby shower gift!  I suggest scheduling your In Home 'Newborn Care' Consultation when your newborn is approximately 2-3 weeks old.   Newborn Care Consultation are $600.00

In Home 'Sleep' Consultation

In Home 'Sleep' Consultations include a home visit that typically take two to three hours.  The family receives a personalized written plan to help them establishing the fundamentals needed for their baby to be a good sleeper! A 'Sleep' Consultation includes detailed and simple instructions for them to follow. These instructions are personalized, based on the family's comfort levels and beliefs and are tailored to meet the family's schedule and needs.   The consultation will include information on: Assisted soothing, self-soothing, scheduling, sleep signs, swaddling techniques, sleep routines and habits, techniques to improve the infant's/toddler's sleep, as well as other sleep training issues and suggestions.   The In Home 'Sleep' Consultations include two months of Advisory Time. ​ Sleep Consultation are $700.00

Additional Advisory Time:   Starting the third month, additional Advisory Time, will be billed, as needed, at a rate of $30.00 per 30 minute sessions. The amount of Advisory time is to be selected by the client, as it is needed. Advisory time can be conducted by phone or email. ​



                        Expecting Parents:

Are you looking for the Secrets of Sleep Learning and you want your future baby to sleep through the night but you want to do it yourself?  Contact me for personal or group classes!

(480) 707-3291

From Bellies 2 Babies!


Contact Terian with your questions about this wonderful series of classes for expecting parents!

(480) 707-3291

Newborn Care Specialist Interns:

Terian is an Expert Newborn Care Specialist who trains and mentors other Newborn Care Specialist. Newborn Care Specialist who have completed training, typically need to complete internship hours. If you are on a limited budget, an intern may be available to assist you with your newborn care needs. 

 Please contact Terian Johnston for discounted rates and additional details about internship services and other Newborn Care Specialist who are starting out in this field.  Terian personally oversees and mentors her Newborn Care Specialist to help give them as many hands on experiences as possible.  She is willing to job share when the clients are open to this opportunity.  This provides a wonderful learning opportunity for the Newborn Care Specialist and financial discount for the family. 

Rates range from $15.00 to $25.00 an hour depending on the NCS's experience level.