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Terian Gregory




Terian is an experienced Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Expert Sleep Consultant who resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. She mostly serves Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the Greater Phoenix areas.

Terian typically works night hours as a Certified Newborn Care Specialist and day hours as a Consultant. She is a Parent, Professional and Community Educator who enjoys teaching and speaking at events. She occasionally accepts 24/7 positions and is willing to travel. She is internationally recognized for her expertise and knowledge.  She has worked as a Newborn Care Specialist since 2004.
Her Education Degree in Elementary & Middle School Education and her post graduate hours in Early Childhood Development gives her a comprehensive understanding of growth and development. Through her experiences as a Newborn Care Specialist she has added additional education that specializes in newborn care.  She has over 50,000 hours of experiences working with singletons, twins & triplets as a Newborn Care Specialist and over 25 years experience working with children. She enjoys teaching families and professionals, "Everything that their baby wants them to know".  Her calm and gentle spirit is an asset to the many families that have utilized her services.

Having a Certified Newborn Care Specialist is like having a personalized parenting textbook that can talk, give advice and answer a parent's numerous question.  Terian specializes on combining proven techniques with the goals and style that reflects each individual family.  She firmly believes that there is not, 'one right way' to do things. She helps parents with common issues such as reflux, colic, sleep issues, and scheduling a daily routine.  Her advice is timely so that parents can adjust and apply it to their current situation without feeling overloaded with information.  The parents are able to achieve a full night's rest while Terian is attending to their baby's needs. This leaves the parents feeling rested so that they are mentally and physically prepared to take on the daily task of being parents and their own professional responsibilities. 

Terian provides her clients with daily and weekly goals.  These goals are based on developmentally appropriate expectations and guides parents through the milestones that their baby is achieving. Terian also works with the families to design a plan that best reflects their parenting goals. She believes that the only 'right way' is what the family has chosen.  She has studied different sleep theories, brain development of infants and sleep cycles.  Between her studies and her hands on experiences, she can offer families various options and flexibility for sleep learning, sleep training and scheduling.  This in turn provides choices for the family to ensure that they find the method(s) that work within their family's goals and beliefs.

Terian believes that most babies have the ability to sleep through the night (10-12 hours) by the age of 12 weeks.  She believes that newborns instinctively have the ability to "self-soothe" and will gradually stretch the amount of time in between feedings at night, if their environment allows them this opportunity.  This is the key to sleep learning! Terian teaches parents how to help their newborn develop their natural abilities.  Parents often unknowingly counteract their newborn's abilities by not recognizing some of their signs, therefore interfering with the process. Terian has successfully completed Sleep Learning using this technique for many babies. She believes that families that are taught positive fundamentals from the beginning are able to enjoy their new baby and often by-pass many of the frustrations that new families face.

Terian also works with older babies using a variety of sleep learning & training methods. These methods are chosen based on the families goals and values, as well as the babies. Terian believes in using non-cry sleep training methods whenever possible. However, each approach is chosen based on the needs of the family and what is developmentally going to meet the needs to the baby.

Terian is an International sleep consultant. She has successfully completed over 1,000 phone/skype sleep consultations. She typically can solve a clients sleep issue in one 60 minute consultation. Some clients elect for one to two follow-up sessions. Terian has also completed over 600 in-person home consultations. Her client base has simple grown by a word of mouth campaign of happy families! :)

Terian is a community educator and speaker. She is available to educate parenting groups, corporate wellness seminars, church groups, nanny training, NCS education, and much more! Please contact her directly for her availability and topics that she can cover for you.

Terian is proud to currently be serving as the CEO of the "Association of Professional Sleep Consultants." This International Associations is dedicated to supporting Professional Sleep Consultants who serve adults, pregnant women, families, children, infants, and teens by promoting and upholding the highest level of excellence and industry standards for professional sleep consulting throughout the world.

She can be contacted for her resume and reference letters at or (480) 707-3291.

I have a group of excellent NCS that I work with.  If I am not available, I will be happy to refer you to another NCS.  Don't pay agency fees!