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Who Is A Newborn Care Specialist?

The terms "Baby Nurse”, “Night Nanny” and “Newborn Care Specialist” have all been used to describe those who assist new parents with their newborns.  All of these terms are often used interchangeably.  Although all three of these positions do have some common roles, in reality there is a vast difference between each of their duties.  Understanding the differences can help make it easier for families to identify, which would be the best fit for their family. 

​A “Baby Nurse” is a registered RN or LPN who comes into a home to care for a newborn with medical issues.  This can be very beneficial for those families who are facing the additional challenges of caring for a newborn with medical conditions. 

​A “Night Nanny” typically comes into a home at night to tend to a newborn.  They are usually limited in their education in newborn issues and are simply responsible for following their client’s instructions.  While this arrangement allows the parents to get much needed sleep, it limits the education that the parent's receive on how to properly care for their newborn.   Unfortunately, many well-meaning parents instruct their “Night Nanny” to follow practices that are not in the best interest of their newborn’s development. These practices often have consequences that can lead to frustration for the newborn and the families for many months or even years down the road. 

​A “Newborn Care Specialist” (NCS) has received an education in newborn care and related issues.  Their knowledge includes but is not limited to:  Formulas and breastfeeding, understanding how to effectively set up a routine that fits the family’s lifestyle, ability to interpret and adequately respond to the baby’s needs, establish healthy sleep habits, know and identify different diaper rashes and treatments, circumcision care, how to relieve symptoms from reflux & colic, swaddling techniques, self-soothing techniques, and ultimately how to effectively set up the family for success. They will be experienced in preemies, multiples and babies with special needs. A "Newborn Care Specialist", will generally work with a family for as little as one week or as long as three months.  A  "Newborn Care Specialist" can provide the parents with much needed sleep at night, educate the parents of essential newborn care instructions, and be there to give ongoing support and advice.   Most NCS are available at night, during the day, or even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Most "Newborn Care Specialist" will provide sleep training services.  Upon the culmination of this service and usually by the time the baby is 3 months old, the baby will be sleeping 10-12 hours a night.

​ An experienced Newborn Care Specialist is a wonderful asset to a family.  Their experience and expertise can make a difference for nursing moms and tired parents.  Their knowledge can help a family gracefully walk through the first few months of having a new baby.  Leaving the end result of a baby who has great sleep habits and a predictable daily routine.

​ It is strongly recommended to conduct a complete background and reference check on any  “Baby Nurse”, “Night Nanny”, “ Newborn Care Specialist".  There are different levels of skills and qualifications among them all.  Some have very little education while others are highly educated with advanced education and experiences.  

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